Grow, connect, thrive: Agri Gauteng Ekspo back with a bang!

The Agri Gauteng Agricultural Ekspo, in collaboration with Agri SA, is gearing up to provide a platform for young and aspiring farmers to delve into the world of agriculture and explore opportunities for sustainable job creation.

Scheduled to take place from Wednesday, 20 to Saturday, 23 September 2023, at the Lavender Kontrei Mark in Pretoria, this four-day event is poised to ignite a passion for farming while addressing critical issues like poverty alleviation.

With a strong commitment to fostering the growth of the agricultural sector, the Agri Gauteng Agricultural Ekspo has outlined two key objectives for this year’s event. The first objective aims to introduce participants to the various aspects of the agricultural value chain, offering practical training across all farming sectors.

This includes workshops covering topics such as technology adoption, finance access, and networking opportunities within the agricultural community.

Organisers say the second objective centres around practical exposure across six focus areas, providing participants with hands-on experience and knowledge exchange. These focus areas encompass a wide spectrum of agricultural domains, including livestock, crops and gardening, machinery and technology, security and safety, access to markets, and agricultural careers.

Building on the successes of past editions, the 2023 Ekspo is set to feature an engaging youth show, organised by Bekker High School. Throughout the event, a diverse array of workshops will be offered, covering subjects ranging from livestock management, crop cultivation, and market access strategies. Highlights of the Ekspo include immersive sessions on pig farming, cattle dehorning, branding, and breed judging.

Livestock exhibition and much, much more

Beekeeping enthusiasts and hydroponics enthusiasts will find ample learning opportunities, with comprehensive training initiatives that explore these vital aspects of modern agriculture. Attendees can also anticipate engaging exhibitions spotlighting various livestock breeds, essential vitamins and minerals for livestock, market access methodologies, aquaponics insights, and sustainable water management techniques.

Visitors to the Ekspo can expect to gain insights into the mechanics and farming implements that drive the industry forward, along with a peek into tertiary-level training programs. Safety and security considerations for both farmers and farmworkers will also be addressed, ensuring that every participant is well-informed and prepared for the challenges and opportunities that agriculture presents.

“Whether you are a seasoned commercial farmer, an emerging agriculturalist, or a young student eager to explore the world of farming, this Ekspo offers a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and first-hand exposure to the latest best practices, breeds, and products,” remarked the organisers.

Tickets for entry are available online at, and the gates will be open from 09:00 to 17:00 daily. For a comprehensive overview of the Ekspo’s programme, interested individuals can visit the Agri Gauteng Facebook page.

The Agri Gauteng Agricultural Ekspo stands as a testament to the agricultural community’s dedication to progress, education, and sustainable development. As young and seasoned farmers gather to share insights, techniques, and innovations, this event promises to be a pivotal stepping stone toward a more prosperous and sustainable agricultural future.


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